A Guide to Properly Maintaining Your Knife

grease after use

Buying a good knife is not the end of the story, as properly maintaining a knife is as important as buying a good one for your kitchen. Ideally, you should always keep the knife cleaned, as it will help preserve the freshness of the knife in the long run.

Here are some of the best steps to help you properly maintain your knife.

Sharpen It Whenever Needed

If you have invested in the good knife, odds are that you have paid a good price for it as well. Now comes the maintenance part, for which you will have to invest in a good knife sharpener. Keep in mind that ceramic knives hardly ever need to be sharpened. Mostly, carbon steel knives and stainless steel knives need to be sharpened every now and then.

Many knives come with proper instructions for sharpening, while for others, you can consult online guides. You can also visit at https://vertoku.com for more information.

Store With Care

The blade of knife can easily take damage from anything it hits against in the kitchen. So, do not keep your knives in a drawer, or in any other place in which they can hit against other things. Ideally, you should use a magnetic strip to hold the knives away from everything else, or use a knife block for this purpose.

Storing your knives with care will prevent their blood from becoming dull over time.

Wash Them With Your Hands

Many knives advertise themselves as dishwasher safe, however, they are best washed with your hands. Handles made from wood and plastic can take damage from the dishwasher, and the blade itself can become dull by hitting against other things. The knife can also get rusty when going through the harsh washing cycles of the dishwasher.

After washing your kitchen knife with hands, you should use a cloth to immediately dry them, and store them away from other things to increase their lifespan.

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