About the Foundation

Noah's March Foundation, Inc., was inspired by a 10-year-old named Noah, and brought into existence by his family and loved ones. Founded in 2016, we are focused on eradicating Type 1 Diabetes. Supported by the foundation, Noah and his family will spend 2017 marching across the United States to raise awareness and funds to cure Type 1 Diabetes. Noah's March Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Noah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 16 months of age, and spent a week recovering in the hospital. He has been living with the daily struggle of managing his diabetes ever since. After stumbling across an article about a diabetes walk fundraiser, he asked his dad, "How far do I need to walk so that I can be cured?" Shortly after Noah watched a Documentary Into the Wind, about Terry Fox, who ran across Canada in 1980 with one leg. Terry's "Marathon of Hope" inspired Noah to convince his family to cross America to fundraise for diabetes research.

This is how Noah's March Foundation began.

Hi, I’m Noah and I am just like most 10 year old boys. I like Legos, MineCraft, and vanilla ice cream. I love my puppy, “Rex,” who is an English Bullterrier. Things I am most interested in is history, specifically World War II. I really like studying the tanks, ships and airplanes. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer and design super cool weapons for the U.S. government.
— Noah Barnes


Noah's March Foundation solely exists to eliminate Type 1 Diabetes.


We are committed to urgently and effectively generating the focus and resources necessary to eradicate Type 1 Diabetes, through the worldview of an ambitious 11-year-old child who wants to make a difference. 


We value people: applaud the researchers for all their hard work, communities that support each other, resources that are placed in the areas that are needed, education within the diabetes and other disease communities. 

We value initiative: connecting the diabetes community in one single direction with the focus to apply effort,resources and funds to the groups that are on the verge of a cure. 

We value heart: committing to the hope, dream and grit of a determined child. 


1. Connect with the entire diabetes community: Bringing awareness and eduction to the community to unite efforts, resources and funding. The goal is that if we can get the millions of Americans that are Type 1 Diabetic and their families completely aware of exactly where research actually is on the path for a cure, we can direct more effort and resources to support them. An example is the US Government has 36 Billion dollars that goes to research. You the taxpayer is the one funding research. Diabetes does not get it's fair share. For example HIV gets 3 Billion, about 1 million Americans have HIV. Diabetes get about 1 Billion, about 30 Million Americans have Diabetes. Congress decides where the funding is allocated and the NIH distributes the money based on merit of the research. If we could get more of the diabetes community contacting their Politicians in an organized effort, all in one common focus, action can then be taken to allocate more funding toward research. Why hasn't this happened already? We as a community have not made enough "noise" about this horrible disease. 

2. Connect with researchers: We want to thank the researchers for all their hard work and discuss in great detail what research they are doing. We want to educate the diabetes community about the different types of research that is actually going one. The follow up question is; how far away from a cure are you and what do you need to get that cure. 

3. Connect with people that have successfully altered their insulin through diet: We are actively seeking out people and groups that have been successful with specific diet adjustments. We simply want to prove if something works or if it is just "magic beans." We honestly feel that there is something out there that may actually assist with managing type 1 diabetes. Unfortunately there is a whole bunch of people that are just lying and we want to call them out so that as a community we know exactly what the truth is. The hardest part about this type of research is that type 1 isn't consistent with everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. Our goal is just to bring the truth to the diabetes community and the solutions that we can verify actually work, please test  and see for yourself.