At the end in Blaine, WA Dec 9th, 2017

We will finish the March at Blaine Marine Park, where Noah will touch the water and set a world record for being the younger person to cross America on foot. We hope to be able to meet with the Fox Foundation in Vancouver, BC. Terry Fox was the inspiration that really shaped how Noah wanted to bring awareness to Diabetes. 

Bike back across America Dec 2017-Jan 2018

Noah's family will then drive to San Francisco for some meetups and continue to LA for more meetups. Noah's dad will then jump on a bicycle and start heading back across America along the southern route. Noah will be doing meetups in all the cities along the way. Please connect with us if you want a meetup in your area. 

Noah's Dad will start Mid December 16 in Santa Monica and bike across the southern part of America to Savanah, GA. We will post more details in December 2017.

2018: Driving back through the route we just crossed

Starting in Jan. 27 2018, Noah and the family will start in Key West, Florida and head back through the exact route that Noah had just crossed. He will be looking for the people that had supported him along the way to thank them. We will be scheduling meetups, attending community events, going to schools, chatting with Politicians and connecting with the diabetes community. We want to unite the diabetes community in a way where the efforts as a community can raise enough attention that applies pressure in the right places to ultimately get a cure for this horrible disease. Calendar will be posted soon. We want to meet as many people as we can. Please connect with us so we can plan something in your area. 

Myths and Legends: Everyone has heard of the "Magic Bean" that cures diabetes. We plan to meet with anyone who claims to have some version of a "cure." We have heard all sorts of crazy diet claims and a variety of off the wall ideas. We through a scientific process will verify if there is any truth to any of the things we all have heard. Our intentions are very pure and we just want to know the truth. If you have something that has worked, please contact us, we want to chat. Our plan is to make videos about it and let the world know if there is any truth to any of it.