Ask These Questions Before Choosing an Ethernet Switch

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While home ethernet connections are very simple to connect, on an industrial scale, these connections can become very complicated. These networks are an endless combination of various bridges, switches, routers, network interface cards and servers. That’s why choosing the right Ethernet switch can be a bit complicated task at the start of every project.

Just like a bridge which is used to convert wireless to wired connection, there are certain things you can consider before buying an ethernet switch. Here are some good questions that you can ask to help yourself in this selection.

Managed or Unmanaged Switch?

When it comes to choosing a switch for your project, you should consider the level of network management capability needed for that specific use. You can use unmanaged ethernet switch is you like to plug-and-play without any further hassle. You will have a lot less errors, and overall improved LAN traffic when you use these switches.

On the other hand, managed switches allow you to do segmentation, and manage high bandwidth efficiently. You can minimize the amount of errors with these switches.

Needed Data Speeds

Efficient transmission of data is as important as acquiring it. The amount and speed of data needed will depend on the type of project you’re doing. You can choose from data transfer rates ranging from 10 Megabits all the way up to 10 Gigabits per second. You can also mix the data transfer rates and use them for certain applications based on their needs.

How Many Ethernet Ports Will Be Required?

The amount of ethernet ports needed in any application depends on your present and future projects. You can either buy into more ports for future proofing, or buy just enough ports and invest in new one later on as the need arises.

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