Avoiding Your Floor Jack From Getting Jacked Up

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Since floor jacks are made to work under harsh conditions, they can last for a really long time if you properly maintain them. Like every other piece of equipment you have in your shop, you should properly inspect and maintain your floor jack as well.

Not maintaining your floor jack properly can cause it to get jacked up easily. Therefore, we have shared a few important tips in this article to avoid your floor jack from getting jacked up.

Check The Fluid

When your hydraulic jack is not being used, you should remove the filler screw and take a look at the hydraulic fluid inside your hydraulic jack. If the filler fluid is up to the mark of the hole of the filler screw, it is completely full and needs no refilling. However, if the fluid level is low, you should refill it right away. https://floorjackin.com/repairing-floor-jack-that-wont-hold-pressure/ has more details on this topic.

Fill With The Right Fluid

Whenever the level of hydraulic fluid is low in your hydraulic jack, you should fill it by using only the best quality hydraulic fluid. Some people even use dirty oil and other things to fill their hydraulic jack without even thinking about its longevity. This can cause your hydraulic jack to start malfunctioning because of the debris stuck in its cylinders. So, never make the mistake of using anything other than proper hydraulic fluid to make your floor jack operational.

Lubricate Your Jack

Just like any other moving machinery, your hydraulic jack would also need proper lubrication every now and then. Therefore, you should use grease to lubricate your jack properly and keep it working for a long time.

These were some of the best ways to avoid your floor jack from getting jacked up.

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