Day 96: Selling our home to continue Noah's March

About a week ago we had to make a financial decision with Noah's March. We had to halt the march until we had some more money, or we had to sell our home. When we sat down to talk about it, Noah didn't hesitate, "sell the house." My wife on the other hand was not as thrilled with the decision. Women in general like to nest, they like to have stuff, they like to have a place to keep a bunch of clutter, okay maybe I am going overboard a little, but women are wired different than men. Joanne has been stressed out for months and the idea of taking her last foundation point away from her, simply freaks her out. Allow me to give you an example: Tonight when you get home, go explain to your partner that you want to sell off everything that doesn't fit into an SUV and walk across America. Then add 3 kids and a dog, so the 6 of you functioning out of an SUV are on a mission to fundraise for a cause. It sounds crazy when I say it out loud, but life has a way of making sense out of the most unique circumstances. 

Looking over the last 6 months of this journey it is amazing to see how different things have turned out, from planning stage to actually living the march. We spent so much time planning and calculating certain aspects of this march, to throw them all out the window and adapt to things that life throws at you. Selling our home was not even a consideration when we started. Looking back a year ago, neither was the crazy idea of marching across America. I think we had this funny idea that sponsors would gladly jump on board or a major company would see the marketing opportunity and somehow our costs would be covered. Reality is that when we started, no one had heard of us, we had little experience doing something like this, and Noah was 10 years old, which to many people they questioned how long would he stay committed to such an enormous project. When I started looking back and researching how many people say they will do something, and when you follow up, very few actually do it. I'm sure there are thousands of people who have said "I want to walk across America." Every year somewhere between 300-500 start. Half of those stop within the first couple days. The next big group drops off between week 2 and week 3. Less than 100 make it past the first month. For a number of different reasons, injury, money, health, the mental strain that comes with crossing thousands of miles, but another 50 or so drop out. From what I can see in my research 5-7 people a year cross America on foot. Jack Fussell (walked 16,780 miles since 2012) estimates that around 50 cross every year. Jack has met other Crossers that haven't told anyone what they are doing. They don't have facebook or twitter and they are not broadcasting to the world what they are doing. In the thousands of people he has met, he is impressed with the heart and courage Noah has at 11 years old. Selling the house was a much easier decision then many things have been recently. 

Friday April 7, we will roll out of house at sunrise for the last time and drive 600 miles to our ending point from last week in Uptown Atlanta, GA. We are about 112 miles from downtown Chattanooga along route 41. The next few days are going to be very exciting for the Noah and his brother Jon. There is a number of civil war parks and battle grounds that hold so much history. We are meeting another Crosser and we get to hear his story. We are coming off roads to hike over Lookout Mountain, which from the photos is breathe taking. The life experiences and education that the boys are experiencing along this expedition is hard to capture in words. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you. 

Noah's March