Day 151 Katy Trail - Meeting another crosser

We met our first active crosser today. Really nice guy and this is his first time doing anything like this, so he is experiencing a whole new world. In the 1600 miles we have covered across the Southeastern United States, 97% of Americans are really good people. They care about their family, and they have an attachment to their community. St Louis for example is an amazing city, with great people, rich culture, tons of community pride. Not a single media outlet would cover Noah's story as he passed through. We watched the different channels the day we passed through and all they covered was the worst events in the area. We went through East St Louis, IL on foot and to be really honest, there was not a moment that we felt any sort of danger. As we passed through, the city had cleared buildings and done a really good job preparing the area for redevelopment. If a Real Estate investor had a little time and a PR company, they would make a killing developing the waterfront area. Back to my point, in our humble opinion if you want to dwell on the bad in people, there is always bad people doing bad things. From our experiences so far this year, if more people would just step out and do the things that are burning in their heart to do, we can break down some perceptions that are holding all of us back. It was so refreshing to met a young man that made a decision to do something outside the traditional: go get a job, get some debt, buy a house and work your job until you retire. Of course coming out of your comfort zone is scary. Facing the unknown on a daily basis can be extremely stressful. We feel that if more people would step out and take a small chance, you will be surprised at the impact it will make on your own life. The actions are not always purely based on helping someone else, but the positive impact it has on you. If you see Spencer peddling his way past you on his way to San Francisco, just think back when you were in your 20's and wanted to do something crazy for someone else. Then ask yourself what are you waiting for? After the 100 excuses, and talking yourself out of it again, maybe just do one act of random kindness to a stranger and just experience how that feels. 

Noah's March