Do This If Your AC Keeps Shutting Off

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A specific problem with your AC can make it shut off several times every before reaching the limit you set on the thermostat. In technical terms, this is called Short Cycling. This cycle of your AC shutting off regularly can be really annoying, and can cause your energy bill to increase as well.

Here are some of the common reasons for your AC to keep shutting down regularly.

Compressor Issues

Think of compressor as the engine of your AC. It generates pressure which allows the refrigerant to absorb heat and dissipate it in the atmosphere to cool down the desired area.  Compressor in your AC is sealed to prevent dust and debris from coming inside it. A damaged compressor can malfunction, causing your AC to keep shutting down again and again.

Less Refrigerant in The AC

There is a minimum level of refrigerant which should be present at all the times in your AC. Any decrease in the refrigerant level in your AC means a decrease in its energy efficiency and overall performance. This problem also leads to short cycling.

Freezing Coils

You AC has an evaporator coil. This coil is responsible to cool down the warm air which is sucked from the inside if your house. Any issues with the evaporator coil, like dust accumulation, leaks, clogging in the air filter, can cause the coil to get frosty. This can then lead to a short cycling issue.

You can mitigate this issue by regularly cleaning the air filters, and changing them whenever needed. There is a recommended time after which you should change the air filters. You should change them atheist once every year if your use your HVAC system year around.

If you can’t figure out why aircon shut down frequently, you can call and expert and get their help to resolve the issue quickly.

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