Having Muscle Strength Can Lower Diabetes Risk

According to a U.S study, having muscle strength can actually be good for adults, as it helps in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

According to this research, 4,681 adults with an average age of 43, who did not have diabetes were asked to do bench presses in order to take readings of their muscle strength. They were also asked to use a treadmill so their cardio fitness can be measured. After that, the average time in which the follow-up is done again, 229 participants, which equals 5 percent of the total number had developed diabetes.

When comparing to people who did not score the highest in the muscle tests, those who had normal muscle strength had less chances of going through diabetes by 32%. As for level of higher muscle strength, those did not have much effect.

According to the researchers, you do not need to have superhuman strength in order to prevent diabetes from developing. They went on and told us that a minor amount of training like resistance can yield some really nice benefits as far as diabetes is concerned. Additionally, they stated that exercises like bodyweight squats, lunges, and push-ups are also great for the people who are just starting out.

The study revolved around type 2 diabetes, as it happens to be one of the standard types of the disease. It is also linked to aging, as well as obesity and it occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin, which is necessary to convert blood sugar into energy.

Moderate muscle strength was considered as a factor to the reduced chances risk of diabetes, even after researches took factors such as aerobic fitness into account. Additionally, it remained the same after the risk factors such as smoking, family history, drinking, and obesity were also accounted for.

According to the doctor, muscles are very active when it comes to metabolism, and require high glucose in order to work properly. If a person has a greater muscle mass or a greater volume, then the chances of their muscles using more glucose are highly likely.

However, it is important to know that this study was not a controlled experiment in order to prove how or whether having strong muscles might have a direct effect on the development of diabetes.  Additionally, the study was also not designed to find out the type of workouts that are best for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

According to the expert on this matter, the best way to avoid diabetes from becoming a problem is by avoiding a diet that has high-calorie count and in addition to that, it is also important to have good physical activity. This is to make sure that the body keeps active, and the blood sugar keeps turning into energy for our body to use.

The risk of diabetes can increase for a lot of reasons and it can often turn into life-threatening complications as well. So, the more we avoid it, the better.

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