How Do I Clean Upholstery Myself?

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After you have used a sofa, couch or any other kind of upholstered seating furniture for a really long duration, suffice it to say that it would start to look rather filthy, so much so that you would be hesitant to take a seat on them for fear of getting any of that dirt on your expensive and fancy clothing attire. This is something that can drastically limit your ability to fully enjoy a piece of furniture that is ideally meant to make you feel comfort as opposed to discomfort, and that basically entails that you should clean the upholstery as often as you possibly can.

One of the easiest ways to clean your upholstery is to hire a carpet cleaner Conroe, but what if you want to do this by yourself without having to pay someone for their services? If that is something that applies to you, you can clean upholstery all on your lonesome without any special equipment at all. The best way to clean it is to first brush off dust and other particulate matter, after which you can start using a steam cleaner to really start cleaning the fabric on a much deeper level.

Another method that you can use involves applying shampoos that are designed for upholstery cleaning. Spray or apply the shampoo to the desired area, leave it for thirty minutes or so until it dries and then use the aforementioned steam cleaning method. If your steam cleaner has a bit of suction this can make it even more effective at getting rid of the stain because you would not have to scrub it but would instead suck the dirt up into the cleaning machine.

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