How Long Does Burberry Touch Last?

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Burberry touch for men is a light and masculine fragrance which one can wear anywhere anytime, this woody, floral fragrance was first introduced in the early 2000’s and it got big as soon as it was introduced as Burberry was known for its strong masculine fragrances and in this particular option they were taking a different route, initially introduced for men it was followed by the launch of Burberry touch for women and that too is an amazing fragrance and people have kept their affection for this fragrance to this day and is still among the best sellers.

Burberry touch for men and women is among the light and fresh perfumes which has a number of subtle notes and one can expect these to last around five to six hours easily, then the smell seems to get lighter but then the base notes become more noticeable and give that light, soothing smell for a good amount of time, this is the beauty of this subtle yet amazing fragrance which is available for a decent price as well, when compared to its competitors it lasts a decent while and when the base note become noticeable it still continues to shine which is not always the case when the fragrance is such light and woody, there are some options which are so subtle that the base note would seem almost absent and that isn’t something that happens with the Burberry touch for men and women.

The best thing about this fragrance is that all the notes are detectable and never separate or overpower each other, that is something very difficult to achieve yet Burberry touch has seemed to achieve it effortlessly.

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