How Torrents Can Be Dangerous

Torrents are a highly effective, fast tool for data download which is widely used around the world despite the great amount of controversy surrounding them. This is mostly due to the large amount of pirated material that is being distributed though this medium. Torrent itself cannot be blamed for this though because it is only a tool that is being used by people for illegal distribution of copyright material. In this digital era, it can be very difficult to protect and prevent pirating of content because of the ease with which data can be copied and spread. Websites such as 8-bit Sumo provide a compressive information on the topic.

Aside from piracy there are other problems surrounding torrents. These include the inability to view the content before you download it. You can see the file that is being downloaded but you have no control over what it contains or the quality of the material that is in it. That can only be done after the download has been completed. Before that, the only thing you can go by is the reviews and comments of other users who have downloaded the same file. Moreover, torrents are dependent upon seeds, so if your torrent does not have seeds, it will not be downloaded. If a particular torrent has a low number of seeds, it will download at a slower rate. Furthermore, by using torrent you are putting your IP out there for everyone to see. This leaves you venerable to being detected by agencies which will work against you or hackers who will try to steal your data. This puts you at a huge rick of being the victim of a cyber-attack. However, this can be prevented by using a VPN to protect your IP. The internet can be a dangerous place, learn to keep yourself and your data safe.

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