Reasons Why Your Floor Jack is Failing to Lift


Floor jacks are basically object that are used to lift other heavier objects, obviously you need to lift these objects so that you can get an easy access to the bottom of these objects. Floor jacks are fairly small objects, however, despite how they look they are quite strong.

Despite being strong, floor jacks are easily susceptible to damage, and sometimes fail to lift. If you are looking for a fantastic read on reasons as to why floor jacks actually fail to lift then this is the article for you as it will give you an insight on why floor jacks fail.

The biggest reason for floor jacks to not lift an object is because they are being used to lift objects that are outside their lifting capacity. Always make sure that you are aware of the lifting capacity of your floor jack so that you do not exceed the limit. Other than that, the oil in the oil fill plug plays a role in the failing of your floor jack. Floor jacks should be filled to a quarter of the oil plug, if the oil level is lower or higher than that then obviously the floor jacks will fail to function properly. It is important that you check the oil levels regularly.

Floor jacks are not that complicated to understand, this is why they can be pretty easily fixed when they fail. Another reason for the failure of floor jacks is entrapped air, just by simple screwing and pumping you can very easily remove the air from your air jack and it will work just fine, this process is commonly referred to as bleeding since the air is bled out of the floor jack.

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