The Essential Prerequisite For Dog Training

Importance Of Dog Training

People who look forward to own a pet dog, find themselves struggling to understanding various aspects of dog training. To help all these dog owners, here is a guide about various prerequisite of dog training that renders maximum, positive results.

What is a Training Session?

The simplest way to define a training session is a period of time that is dedicated to  work on various dog training commands. Such sessions are scheduled on particular days of the week and are designed in accordance to the goal, a dog owner wants to achieve. The tailored lessons are used to manifest the understanding of different types of commands, cues and actions all of which should begin essentially with obedience training.

The Duration of The Session

It is important to understand that the session is designed to train an animal and therefore the session should not last too long that it might distract the dog or bore it. It is for this reason, an ideal session lasts for not more than 15 minutes and should be unpredictable to maintain the dog’s attention and interest in training.

Maintaining The Dog’s Focus

It is preferred to work on one command in a session rather than clustering too many cues in a short time. This quick and specific approach helps the dog in thoroughly understanding the command without confusing him with too many orders otherwise. However if the dog seems to lose its focus or does not want to try something new, switch to an older command so that the session does not go useless. The success of a session is greatly determined by a dog’s personality and to know more about this factor effects training, see The Friendly Dogs to understand different approaches towards dog training.

Making The Session Unpredictable

While it is preferred to stick to one command per session, it is also important to make sure that it does not bore the dog. Here is when unpredictability comes in picture as it helps the dog understand the same command but in a new location or circumstances that keeps their interest level up.

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