Tips to Maintain a Commercial Dishwasher


Since commercial dishwashers are a great investment, they must keep them properly maintained. That is because a properly working commercial dishwasher is needed for your restaurant to keep working without any unexpected emergencies.

You can easily avoid your commercial dishwasher from breaking by providing it with occasional care and maintenance. If your commercial dishwasher breaks down unexpectedly, you will have to invest in hiring more people to manually wash the dishes while the dishwasher gets repaired by an expert. Both of these will cost you more money.

So, here are some easy tips to maintain your commercial dishwasher in the best shape. Following these is necessary even if you have a top restaurant dishwasher.

Scrape Dishes Beforehand

If your dishes are very dirty, you should scrape them or even gently rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher. However, there is no need to scrub the dishes as some food particles need to remain on them if you need the dishwasher to work properly.

Clean It Regularly

When you buy a dishwasher, it comes with clear usage guidelines from its manufacturer. These guidelines always mention that you should clean your commercial dishwasher regularly. Ideally, it should be cleaned at the end of every workday. These awards food particles from accumulating in the dishwasher, and can keep the machine working for a long time.

So, allocate a person from your staff to clean your commercial dishwasher properly at the end of every workday.

Maintain Solution Levels

Before starting the washing cycle, make sure that all the levels of every solution used in the washing cycle are equal. You should refill the soap and sanitizer regularly in order to help the commercial dishwasher clean the dishes properly.

These were some of the easiest maintenance steps you can follow to keep your commercial dishwasher working in the long run.

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