What Should The Blood Glucose Reading Be

There is no denying that diabetes is becoming an epidemic across the world, and while this complication can cause some fatal complications, the thing is that if you manage the blood sugar with a glucose meter, then you can easily learn how to manage everything.

For anyone suffering from diabetes, the important thing that you must know is that it is better to consult your doctor and ask them about what glucose meter reading is that they prefer. Below are some of the readings that we think are optimal for people of different age groups.


For those who are without diabetes, the readings on the meter should range from 70 to 100 mg/dL consistently. As far as the fasting reading is concerned, it has to be lower than 100 mg/dL. However, a level of glucose lower than 70 could be an indication that the blood sugar is on the lower side. For people who have fasting blood sugar ranging from 100 to 125 mg/dL, you might be suffering from prediabetes.

Similarly, levels more than 126 are an indication towards diabetes, and people with such readings should normally go for a fasting blood sugar ranging from 70 to 130 mg/dL, and less than 180 mg/dL after eating something.

Children and Infants

As far as the fasting blood glucose in both the normal, as well as non-diabetic is concerned, the fasting the readings are just as they are in the adults. However, children who are suffering from diabetes, the levels of blood glucose are normally higher as well. For children who are younger than 5, the levels range from 80 to 200 mg/dL. Ranging from age 5 to 7, the levels should range 70 to 180 mg/dL. However, for ages 12 and above, the levels should range from 70 to 150 mg/dL.


It is important to know that glucose happens to be the source from where our body gets the energy. People with less glucose in their body will start feeling week. That is not it, the functioning of the brain and body will also be affected. For those who do not know, log blood sugar can result in an elevated heartbeat, trembling, dizziness, and in severe cases, fainting, as we all as seizures.

On the other hand, higher glucose level can result in ailments such as damage to your kidneys, damage to your nerves, as well as other issues such as a heart stroke, or blindness. So, keeping all these things in mind, it is important the glucose levels are controlled consistently.


In conclusion, the important thing that we must know is that taking care of our glucose levels is something that happens to be extremely important. We all deserve to live happily, and free of any conditions that can be a huge problem for us in the future.

Being responsible for your health is something that happens to be extremely important, so keeping that in mind, it is better to make sure that we are controlling our glucose levels so there are no complications in the future.

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