Why You Should Never Use Distilled Water During Tree Service

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Regular tree service is essential if you want your tree to remain healthy. There are a number of things that are done during the process of servicing a tree. For starters, fertilizer and nutrients are added. This is an obvious aspect of tree service that most people tend to be rather familiar with. However, a more basic aspect of tree service is adding water to the soil. If the soil lacks adequate hydration, adding water to it becomes really important otherwise it really won’t be able to last very long at all.

Sometimes people think that using distilled water is the best option that they can go for here. After all, distilled water is the purest water you can find, and the purer the water is the better it would be for your tree, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that distilled water is actually the worst thing that you can use during tree service Melbourne without a shadow of a doubt. The reason behind this is that it does not have any minerals in it at all. Trees need water basically for its mineral content, and water that does not have any minerals in it would not do your tree much good.

This is why you should always use water that has a decent mineral content to it. Distilling the water beforehand is not just unnecessary, it can be downright harmful to the tree. A lack of minerals in the water it takes in would reduce its absorption rate of nutrients. Hence, all of the expensive fertilizers and nutrients you are giving your tree would be useless if you are using distilled water alongside these two things.

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